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Snowboarding accident prompts woman to teach others about the importance of helmets

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A woman with a brain injury is encouraging others to always wear a helmet

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A woman who suffered major brain damage in a snowboarding accident wants to share her story in the hopes it could prevent the same thing from happening to somebody else

Amy was an honour roll student and about to graduate from SFU when she went up the mountain to snowboard without strapping on a helmet, what happened next changed her life forever.

“You just never know. You could be on the hill, you could be going down but something could be in the way and you could just have an accident like mine. So just
always always, no matter what you do, protect your head.”

She is now in her early 40’s, and while she has her struggles with short term memory and is confined to a wheelchair, she’s worked hard to get on with her life, including completing her degree. “I just want to teach people that having a brain injury is not the end of your life. You have to look forward and see what you are capable of doing at that point in time. That you are still capable of your goals and dreams.”

Amy is available to speak publicly on the importance of helmets. You can reach out to NEWS 1130 for her contact information.