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More tourists expected for Vancouver cruise ship season

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — There are some positives of a low Canadian dollar; Tourism Vancouver is expecting a five percent bump in travelers spending money in our city this year.

A lot of them will be arriving by sea.

Tourists on cruise ships will be bringing their cameras and their wallets as Stephen Pearce, VP of Marketing, estimates we could see a crowd of about 830,000 from May to September.

“I suspect people are going to find they’re running into capacity issues in terms of not being able to get access to the days or weeks that they want to actually cruise out of Vancouver.”

Pearce says the 228 cruise ships that came to Vancouver last year are not increasing in number but the number of passengers on those vessels will likely be up by 3 per cent.

“More and more of the cruisers are deciding to start that experience or end it with an extended stay in Vancouver and we know that’s happening so we know that upwards of 60, 65 per cent are going to decide to stay here for a couple of days before or after the cruise.”

As for where all the extra passengers are coming from, Pearce says many are coming from the states.