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Critics of LNG project in Squamish appalled by federal approval of environmental assessment

(Source: myseatosky.org)

Critics in the Howe Sound area are appalled by Ottawa’s approval of an environmental assessment for a controversial LNG project set for Squamish.

Eoin Finn, research director of the group “My Sea to Sky,” says it’s a confusing announcement from a Liberal government after the big talk at the Climate Conference in Paris.

“Here we are, and the very first act of this government is to increase our dependency on fossil fuels and our global GHG emissions. I don’t see how we can ever reconcile those two positions in a single government.”

The Singapore-based company’s $1.6-billion Woodfibre LNG project has now passed assessments at the federal and provincial level as well as the Squamish Nation.

“We’re appalled that this decision would have come out so quickly from a newly elected government. It’s the first major announcment in regard to fossil fuels they’ve made since the COP 21 arrangement in Paris,” says Finn.

He adds thousands of people objected during the public comments period of the environmental assessment for the plant.