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Hundreds rally in "I Believe You" march after Ghomeshi trial

(Kenny Mason, NEWS 1130 staff photo)

Right now they'll be under-served, but I will say to them I believe you: rallier

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Hundreds of people marched down Commercial Drive this afternoon protesting the Jian Ghomeshi verdict and supporting survivors of domestic violence.

They want changes to how women are treated by the legal system.

This is about much more than just one case

Robyn says while the innocent until proven guilty model is important, but in cases like the Ghomeshi trial and countless other sexual assaults, it falls short of fair.

“It seems like the system is in no way effective. There is no real way to prosecute someone unless there was a witness there to watch a sexual assault happen which isn’t the case really ever,” she says. “Reasonable doubt is really tricky because it is one person’s word against another and innocent until proven guilty is very important, but in this case, it’s really irrelevant and there needs to be a different system because this one doesn’t work for us and it’s failing us.”

She has a message for survivors who want to tell their story.

“I believe you and we believe you and even if the legal system doesn’t believe you there are people and organizations who are here to support you.”

“So many services tell us to call the police to report what happened to you, but really it doesn’t help a lot of women and this particular case is a testament to that,” says Jane.

That message is something Guinevere believes too and going forward survivors need more resources.

“Right now they’ll be under-served, but I will say to them I believe you.”