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Tenants claim landlord turned off hot water at Downtown Eastside SRO

(Photo by Dustin Godfrey for NEWS 1130)

The owner claims he has called in a plumber to fix the problem

Tenants say they've gone, in some cases, three years without access to hot water

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – People who live in a hotel on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are again blasting the owner, saying hot water has been cut off in some suites for more than a week. This latest problem is just the latest in a long list of complaints from residents of the Lion Hotel.

Moving out isn’t an option for all of the 74 people staying in the single occupancy rooms at the hotel.

“In some rooms, there hasn’t been heat for three years and in some rooms for two years. There was only day I had heat in my room and that was inspection day in January, but the next day, there was no heat or water,” says one man.

Other tenants feel the landlord is turning off the hot water on purpose.

The owner tells NEWS 1130 there was something wrong with the hot water tank over the weekend and he has called a plumber. He also maintains no tenants have called him to complain.

Housing advocates have slammed the building owner for not following federal loan terms for low-income accommodation.