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Ontario pledges to reform political donations but BC won't budge

File photo (Sept 29, 2015) (Jill Drews, NEWS 1130 photo)

One expert thinks BC won't change the rules because there's a provincial election next year

Elections BC says the Liberals brought in close to $10 million last year, while the NDP raked in $3 million

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As the NDP prepares to introduce legislation to limit corporate and union donations, it appears the BC Liberals are rolling in the cash at least compared to the New Democrats.

Statistics from Elections BC show Premier Christy Clark’s party brought in close to $10 million last year, while the NDP’s war chest saw a $3 million boost.

The numbers are important as both parties prepare for next year’s provincial election.

Next year’s provincial election may be a key factor in why the BC Liberals are promising no changes to party contributions, that’s according to a political scientist.

Some reform is needed, is the general sense we’re getting from people we spoke with on the streets of Vancouver, but given our province will be heading to the polls next year, UBC political scientist David Moscrop says Premier Christy Clark and her party will want to make sure the war chest is full.

“And the BC Liberals are raising money hand over fist, so they have really no interest in changing that system.”

As for why Ontario is promising reform while the BC Liberals stand pat, Moscrop suggests Clark may be less concerned about the NDP than Premier Kathleen Wynne is about the PCs in her province.