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Some Canadian pharmacists changing their stance on medicinal pot

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Canadian Pharmacists Association changed its mind because it's worried about what it calls, 'lack of clinical oversight'

TORONTO, ON. (NEWS 1130) – An association that represents individual pharmacists has changed its stance on medical marijuana, saying pharmacists should play a front-line role in dispensing the drug.

The Canadian Pharmacists Association says it changed its mind because it’s growing concerned about what it calls a “lack of clinical oversight” in the use of medical marijuana.

However, licensed cannabis producers disagree, adding they don’t think pharmacies should be the only way for patients to access medical pot.

“I think the pharmacy model is a good option for patients, but in addition to the existing mail order and customer service system we have today,” says Greg Engel, the CEO of BC-based Tilray. “That’s giving patients options.”

The association, which represents licensed cannabis producers, says it would be impossible for pharmacies to stock the hundreds of strains of marijuana that patients are able to access today.