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Traffic cameras to help combat Surrey's gun violence

Last Updated Apr 8, 2016 at 3:48 pm PDT

(NEWS 1130 File Photo)

Surrey is granting the RCMP 24-hour access to every traffic camera

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – In an effort to cut down on the recent spike in gun violence in Surrey, the city is granting the RCMP 24-hour access to every traffic camera.

Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner is also approving an additional 75 new cameras that, she promises, will be installed soon. “I have also approved an additional 75 new cameras to be installed around the city bringing the total number in our network to over 400 cameras.”

“What is really disheartening for me is that these individuals are smearing our community so understand this, whether you are a parent, a family friend, a family member, the outlook for your loved one is bleak if you continue down this road.”

Hepner adds she’s deeply concerned about the uptick in shootings. “I want to tell you with the utmost of confidence that those involved will be caught. The resources that are being deployed are significant and substantial.”

RCMP Assistant Commissioner Dan Malo says they’ve learned that those responsible are “kids” in a low-level dispute over drugs that has killed one and injured several others.┬áHe adds that the problem isn’t just in Surrey, but in Metro Vancouver as well, and more resources from specialized units are being made available to stop the shootings.

Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Morris notes there is nothing that gets police attention more than shooting a gun near homes and schools. “For these young men that have joined these gangs, there is no good outcome. There is a life in jail if you are lucky enough to get caught. There could be a toe tag in a morgue somewhere. There is nothing glamorous and nothing achievable by being a gang member.”

Assistant RCMP Commissioner Bill Fordy adds he is angry to still be talking about the same type of senseless violence discussed at this same time last year. “These cowardly acts of violence are unfair to the city and unfair to the citizens of Surrey.”

“It is important for me to say that those engaged in this criminal lifestyle do not represent out community in its entirety and they will not define us.”

There have been 32 shootings so far this year in Surrey.