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Most Canadians think they're paying too much for cell phone service

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Do you think you’re getting a good deal on your cell phone service? If you’re like many people, the answer is no.

A new survey finds most Canadians want a more competitive and less expensive wireless industry.

Six out of 10 people asked in a new Angus Reid Institute survey feel their current cell phone plan is too expensive, while just eight per cent feel they’re getting a good deal.

(Source: Angus Reid Institute)

Shachi Kurl with the pollster points out 55 per cent say there is “not enough competition” in the industry.

“It’s a significant number saying that there isn’t enough competition and certainly, as you find people who are saying that their service is too expensive, that number tends to spike.”

But it seems we don’t have any answers about what should be done to level the playing field.

“While we are expressing some unhappiness about how much we pay for our cell phones and our mobile services, we’re also not particularly aware or engaged, in terms of some of the debate around how that should be addressed,” she adds.

(Source: Angus Reid Institute)

Meantime, more than three out of five Canadians admit they haven’t really heard anything about a recent decision by the CRTC that will make more difficult to create new competitors to Bell, Rogers, and Telus — the existing “Big Three” providers.