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Many Canadians not switching to skinny cable packages: poll

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Nearly 70 per cent of people don't think the skinny basic bundles are worth making the switch

Only two per cent of Canadians have made the change

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Complaints continue to grow around skinny basic TV packages and a new poll from Angus Reid finds not many Canadians have actually switched to the new bundles.

It turns out Canadians who are looking to switch their cable packages aren’t very impressed with what’s being offered.┬áNearly 70 per cent of us say the skinny basic bundles just aren’t worth it because of all the extra costs the providers are adding.

In fact, we’re so turned off that only 17 per cent have even looked into making a switch and only a two per cent have actually pulled the trigger.

Many of the new offers are about 40 channels for $25, but if you look closely, they’re the same stations except one is in HD and the other isn’t. And if you want specialty channels like HGTV, you’ll have to pay a little more.

Back in March, when the CRTC introduced the new bundles, they said it would usher in “a new era of choice for Canadian television viewers.” It appears that era may be one of unhappiness.