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Canadian support for legalizing pot is growing: poll

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Seven out of 10 people think it should be legal, but many want it tightly controlled by the federal government

The poll also found many believe tax revenues would go up if marijuana was legal

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It looks like Canadian support for pot legalization is growing, but not everyone sees it as a national priority. A new poll from Angus Reid finds seven out of 10 people believe marijuana should be legalized.

“While the support is there, there isn’t exactly notwithstanding the folks who may be gathering at Sunset Beach, there isn’t exactly a national outcry to see something done on this issue and done sooner than a lot of the other priorities Canadians are identifying,” explains pollster Shachi Kurl.

The poll also found slightly more than half saying such pot-related criminal records shouldn’t be cleared if marijuana becomes legal. While another 44 per cent say those behind bars for pot possession should be considered for release on a case-by-case basis should if and when pot is legalized.

Kurl adds others believe marijuana should be legalized, but tightly controlled by Ottawa. “For people who oppose it, the drawbacks and risks associated with legalization are much greater realities in their mind than people who support it.”

The poll also found 85 per cent of us believe tax revenues would go up if pot was legalized.