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Park Board anticipating massive 4/20 cleanup effort

Stephanie Froese

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — When the sun rises on the West End Thursday, the Vancouver Park Board expects to have a major undertaking on their hands.

The annual 4/20 celebration, usually held at the Vancouver Art Gallery, was held at Sunset Beach for the first time.

The board has been vocally against the move and was not impressed by the aftermath of thousands of pro-marijuana enthusiasts converging on the area.

Already concerned people would ignore a bylaw and smoke on the beach, Commissioner Sarah Kirby-Yung says there were other disruptions to the park and facilities.

“We saw a takeover of the seawall area, we saw them moving on to the beach when they had said they wouldn’t set up on the beach, they had additional vending tents that were set up.”


Sunset Beach - 4/20 Vancouver 2017

Kirby-Yung says they are anticipation a major cleanup effort will be needed.

“Its similar scale to what would happen for the Celebration of Light Fireworks competition; that gives you a bit of an example to go by.”

Kirby-Yung says it’s too early to tally the cost of the cleanup effort.

She was asked if the 4/20 celebration would be welcome back for 2017.

“From the Vancouver Park Board’s perspective, we didn’t approve it, sanction it, or welcome it and our position hasn’t changed.”