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Some senators regretful of actions, now that Duffy found not guilty

Last Updated Apr 25, 2016 at 8:52 am PST

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'We might have maligned him prematurely,' says Conservative senator Leo Housakos of Duffy

OTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – Some Conservative senators are expressing regret, now that Senator Mike Duffy has been found not guilty in his criminal trial on his senate expenses.

It comes as questions are raised about whether he deserves back-pay, since he was suspended without pay three years ago.

“We… might have maligned him a little bit prematurely,” admits Conservative senator Leo Housakos, who is head of the internal economy committee and one of the many senators who voted to suspend Duffy at the height of the scandal.

While he expresses regret, Housakos doesn’t actually apologize.

On Maclean’s on the Hill, he also blames reporters for the senate’s actions. “He gave into the pressure from the media. The media has a great deal of power and influence in driving parliamentarians.”

When Senator Duffy heads back into the upper chamber, Ottawa Defense Lawyer Lawrence Greenspon says the priority should be to right the wrong when it comes to Duffy’s salary.

“The first thing that should happen is a motion within the Senate to repay his past wages during the time period in which he was suspended,” he argues.