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Increase in daytime burglaries prompts warning from police

(NEWS 1130 File Photo)

People are entering homes through open windows or even doors that are left unlocked

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As the temperature rises, so do the robberies. Police on the North Shore are warning people to secure their homes and cars in the sunshine

They have seen an increase in break and enters recently, often through open windows in the middle of the day.

Cpl Richard De Jong says it’s frustrating since this is something they see every spring. “Unfortunately it does continue to happen every year. People get complacent or they are in a hurry or they forget. I think there are lots of excuses that go with it but you know these are reminders to the general public and unfortunately there has been many victims already in our community”

“People are entering through open windows or even doors that are left unlocked. So close those windows on ground level when you are not in the room or if you are going to be outside. Secure patio sliding doors, that is always a big one, people think that by closing it it appears to be locked but put a snap resistant lock on there.”

He adds don’t forget about your shed, robbers are not only stealing whatever’s in there, but are getting ladders out to help reach the upper floors and get in a house that way.

Car theft is also up, with people still leaving windows or sunroofs open and valuables out to tempt thieves.

A recent report from the States found burglaries are 10 per cent more common in the summer than the winter