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Keep watch this Mother's Day for baby ducks crossing the road

(iStock Photo)

Drivers are being warned watch out for ducklings on the road

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Many new mothers will be leading their newborns on a dangerous journey this Mother’s Day. You are bound to see mother ducks leading lines of fuzzy ducklings through all sorts of strange places in order to reach water.

The new moms and their babies have been responsible for several highway shut downs already, including highway one during rush hour.

Yolanda Brooks with the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC says the ducks have a body of water in mind and they don’t care what’s in their way. “The mother ducks lay the eggs somewhere away from water so it’s safe and then once all the ducklings are born, she walks them to water. Unfortunately in the urban environment there is often something in the way.”

Brooks hopes you can help the ducks across, as long as it won’t put your safety in jeopardy. “If you are on a really busy road obviously that is not possible but if you are on a quieter street or slow moving traffic and you have got somebody who can help you maybe you can stop traffic long enough for the ducks to get across.”

Help, but don’t touch the ducks – you could freak the mom out and she might abandon the babies.