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Don't booze and boat this long weekend

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40 per cent of all boating injuries and deaths are alcohol related

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It might be tempting to reach for a cold one while on the water this long weekend, but you’re being reminded that drinking and boating don’t mix.

Communities Against Preventable Injuries is encouraging you to leave the drinks on the dock, because you can actually get drunk faster while boating.

Dr Ian Pike says you can get drunk with half the number of drinks it usually takes.

“The effects of the wind, the sun, the motion of the waves, the glare off the water, all of these things conspire to make the effects of alcohol come on more quickly,” says Pike.

He adds 40 per cent of all boating injuries and deaths are alcohol related, and there’s a spike of these accidents from June to August.

They’re launching a new campaign this long weekend as people head out to enjoy the unofficial start of summer.

“Alcohol dampens people’s reaction time, dampens their cognitive abilities, dampens their balance and coordination. All of these things are really important when operating a motorized vessel.”

Boating under the influence is illegal, and Pike says the captain is responsible for the well-being of his or her passengers.