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Statistics Canada could try to contact you if census isn't completed

(Photo by Kyle Balzer for NEWS 1130)

Statistics Canada will carry ID with a picture if they show up at your door

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – We’re always being warned these days about scammers calling to dig up your personal information.

But if someone phones you, claiming to be with Statistics Canada with questions about the census, it may be legit.

“There are still some people who haven’t completed the census, so we’re going in the next steps where Statistics Canada employees will be calling or showing up at the door to offer assistance in completing the census,” says Census Manager Marc Hamel.

He says if they show up at your door, they will carry ID with a picture.

“In some cases, when we go through the questionnaires that we have received, we may detect some inconsistencies. An example would be a person listing maybe three people living in the household and only put two names and two sets of information down. That would be one of the reasons we would be calling back — to verify if it’s actually a two or three-person household.”

Hamel warns they will never ask about your social insurance number or banking information.

So, what should you do if you’re not sure about the person on the line?

“If you’re really not sure that it is Statistics Canada calling or at the door, you don’t have to answer right away,” says Hamel.

In most cases, your caller ID would show that the call is coming from the government.

“If you’re not sure about the identity of the caller or the purpose, you should be requesting a phone number from them that you can call back and verify their identification. Or you could call the census helpline, available on our website. You can also obtain it from the letter you received to complete the census itself.”