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Outspoken realtor questions why he was removed from Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board

Last Updated May 31, 2016 at 5:26 pm PST


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A realtor is raising questions about why he was removed from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver professional standard committee. He wonders if his public push for ethical changes may be the reason.

Keith Roy, a realtor with RE/MAX, has been vocal about the need for better education and language standards for realtors. He also thinks board disciplinary decisions should be made public so clients know if their realtor follows the rules.

Roy has been given different reasons for why he was removed, but they don’t make sense.

“I recently moved to RE/MAX from a different brokerage last year and I was told that because I was now with RE/MAX, there were too many RE/MAX agents on the committee. In my estimation, that math doesn’t add up, but it was a convenient answer. When I pushed harder on the math, the overseers of the committee told me it was because they wanted more managing brokers. I’m not a manager, I’m transacting realtor. But there are 16 managing brokers and eight realtors who are actually selling houses.”

Roy says he’s heard little negative feedback from regular realtors when it comes to his ideas for change. They haven’t been well received by those in paid board positions.

“It’s an insider’s club of very slow movement and very slow change. The market is changing so quickly in Vancouver and we all know this. For some reason, the industry can’t change even remotely as close to the speed that the market is changing at.”

Roy plans to continue to speak out about ways to make the real estate game fair for everyone.

Statement from Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

“Our association makes numerous committee appointments each year based on diversity, performance, experience and other defined factors to ensure well-rounded representation. This is a well established process that’s followed year in and year out with little fanfare.”