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Early strawberry crops won't impact price

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Don't expect to pay less at the grocery store, despite the early start to strawberry season

Farmers set their own prices when it comes to fresh product

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Local berry crops are getting a nice shot in the arm right now thanks to all the sun we’ve been getting lately, but despite all the stock don’t expect to pay less at the grocery store. And that’s because the farmers set their own prices when it comes to the fresh product.

Lisa Craig with the BC Strawberry Growers Association says they started seeing growth in March and April, which is ahead of schedule and she adds that shouldn’t affect their flavour.

“I don’t think it necessarily improves it or affects it. The rain last weekend was probably the most detrimental just in the fact that some of the growers grow on raised beds and some do not and depending on their growing session then the strawberries may be dirty and need to be washed.”

So, how long will all this fruity goodness last? “Specific dates are really tough to judge because of the fact some growers have earlier varieties, some have later varieties. I would say June-bearing strawberries would be [done] within the next two weeks and then of course there are going to be berries into August, September and October,” Craig adds.

And she says they’ve had no trouble getting help to pick the fruit, often seeing people lined up at farms in the Fraser Valley.