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Police warn about the dangers of powerful synthetic drug W-18

Last Updated Jun 12, 2016 at 2:17 pm PDT

W-18 may be sold in pills or added to other drugs; no tests can detect this potent designer drug, a speck of which can kill. (Source: DEA)

Local police confirmed W-18 was recently discovered during a drug bust in Burnaby

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The public health emergency in BC just became more urgent now that a new, powerful synthetic drug is making the rounds.

Last week, local police confirmed W-18 was recently discovered during a drug bust in Burnaby and they’re hoping parents step up to talk to their kids about using before its too late.

The street drug is W-18, described as 100 times stronger than fentanyl, which in turn is described as more potent than heroin.

Delta Police Sergeant Sarah Swallow says as uncomfortable as it may be, moms and dads need warn of the dangers. “Parents legitimately afraid of, ‘how do I approach that conversation with my kids,’ or kids that are facing that, ‘well, how I now bring to my parents these illegal substances that are being offered to me or peer pressured to be?’ And it really is that open dialogue that we’re hoping to get going.”

She adds feeling uncomfortable is not a good enough excuse. “Parents are just overwhelmed because you’re potentially introducing something that your kid may not have thought of or been particularly aware of and then you’re going to sit down and say, ‘Hey, by the way these exist.'”

Swallow says another problem with W-18 is dealers are taking the compound and selling it as other drugs.┬áPolice and the province don’t know where exactly the substance is coming from, but are looking into it.