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Playland upgrades could take a bite out of your wallet

(Source: Google Maps)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A trip to Playland for your family could eventually cost a whole lot more if the amusement park gets the upgrade it wants.

If the park gets the $120-million overhaul it seeks, you could be shelling out 27 percent more for a ticket than you do now after the upgrade.

The PNE’s chief executive Mike McDaniel says that’s mainly down to inflation but would also include a markup to reflect a better park.

“When we get 10 years in the future, we’re looking at about a 27 percent increase,” says McDaniel. “Most of that is inflationary factors and then there’s some market conditions, because if you’re going to offer a better product, you can obviously demand a little bit more to charge for that.”

There’s no guarantee this upgrade will go ahead.

City council still has to vote on whether or not to spend $1.5-million to study the plans for the overhaul.

“I think it’s very realistic,” McDaniel says when asked about the feasibility of expanding the park. “We’ve done a variety of studies obviously so far. We need more detailed work to do, and that’s what we will hopefully get a decision from council [Wednesday], for that money to do that work.”

If the $1.5-million study leads to council backing the expansion, the city could be asked to provide a loan of up to $120-million.