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Expect hard negotiations between the UK and the EU: UBC professor

Last Updated Jun 25, 2016 at 12:55 pm PDT

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A UBC professor thinks negotiations for the UK to cut ties aren't going to be easy

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The European Union’s six founding nations are urging a quick British departure but the Brits could be left with an unpleasant deal when everything is all said and done.

Allan Craigie with UBC says the EU will have to reform, but it will also show the other members that leaving will not benefit them. “When the negotiations start, the European Union is going to be looking out for the interests of the European Union, not the United Kingdom and the and the United Kingdom is going to need the European Union a lot more than the European Union is going to need the United Kingdom.”

He believes there will be change from the EU. “It’s a two-pronged attack that the European Union going to have to do now to defend itself. Institutional reform to make itself more accountable and to be seen to be more accountable to the people and also to make sure that Britain doesn’t get off easy.”

Craigie adds it’s hard to say what’s exactly going to happen, because we have never seen something like this before. “We don’t have a road map and we are pretty much driving blind right now,” he explains. “We are entering into a period of unknown now. There has been nothing like this in the annuls of world history.”