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Cable and Internet rates are on their way up

Last Updated Jul 1, 2016 at 7:11 am PDT

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High-speed Internet customers with Telus will see their bill go up by $5

Rates will go up for those with Shaw as of August 1st

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) –┬áHave you ever opened your cable or Internet bill and thought, “That is way too expensive?” You’re probably not alone and it’s about to get a little worse. Rates are on their way up starting today.

If you have high-speed Internet provided by Telus, your bill will increase by about $5.

“TELUS offers a variety of Internet plans to meet a broad range of customer needs, from the basic to the very high speed and capacity. We believe in communicating openly with our customers, and have been informing them about this change on their monthly paper or electronic bills,” the company says in a statement to NEWS 1130.

Shaw customers will see a jump of anywhere between a $1 to $7 dollars for Internet and cable services as of August 1st.

Both companies say it’s the cost of doing business, but David Christopher with Open Media doesn’t buy it.

“It’s a tired, old excuse that they’ve been rolling out for years and years now. We look at other countries around the world and we see far more affordable rates for Internet service.”

He adds, like paying for rent, the rates will likely continue to go up, possibly yearly. “Unfortunately unless we see action from the government and from the CRTC to tackle the real problems in Canada’s telecom markets then yes, I think more of these price hikes are in store.”

Right now the CRTC is looking into how many customers switched to the skinny cable packages that were introduced a couple of months ago.