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More education needed within industry: realtor

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A realtor who has been calling for change thinks raising the educational bar should be easy for the industry

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The independent group tasked with finding ways to restore the reputation of BC real estate agents found the educational bar for entry needs to be higher.

Taking a course for a couple weeks isn’t providing enough education for people who will end up handling multi-million dollar transactions says Realtor Keith Roy. “We test people, they become realtors and then we have very good continuing education. That is something that has improved dramatically in British Columbia, but what we don’t have is a solid educational background before somebody is given a license.”

He would like to see a two-year diploma based on curriculum already developed by the Real Estate Council and the Real Estate Association of BC. “We could take our continuing education course and turn it into curriculum for someone before they become a licensee. The material exists and this wouldn’t be a particularly difficult course to establish.”

Roy notes the stakes are extremely high dealing with what is often a person’s main asset and the standards for who can manage that should be equally so.