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Local film industry impacted by Netflix

Last Updated Aug 4, 2016 at 10:27 pm PDT

(Source: facebook.com/netflixcanada)

Netflix has over 80-million subscribers

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – How many times has someone told you to watch a show that’s just come out on Netflix?¬†Streaming services have become increasingly popular, and they’re impacting our local film industry.

Vancouver entertainment lawyer Lori Massini says Netflix has only been coming out with original content for about three years, and there are five series being filmed here right now, which is a lot.

“They definitely are making a dent in the spend that’s happening in BC right now. I actually think it’s just going to keep growing and growing.”

Massini notes all streaming services will keep increasing their content. “But¬†Netflix in particular has over 80-million subscribers, it’s growing every day. The demand for new content is so high because it’s so accessible, so I think Netflix over the years, is going to continue to kind of corner the market here.”

Massini adds lots of local, indie producers are actually taking their productions elsewhere because they’re finding it hard to compete with the budgets and crew needs of the bigger, foreign projects.