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Canadian drivers overstate their own level of politeness on the road: survey

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You might consider yourself a polite driver, but a survey says we may think too highly of ourselves behind the wheel.

When someone lets you into their lane, do you wave to thank the other driver? The survey by Kanetix finds while more than three quarters of us believe we always do, less than one in 10 see other drivers doing it.

Janine White with Kanetix says when it comes to not signalling before you turn or change lanes, “21 per cent of us witness it, but only one per cent of us doing… It gets people angry on the road. It makes them drive worse after that because they feel frustrated.”

As for yielding for bikes or pedestrians, White says “78 per cent of us say we always do it, but we only see 12 per cent of others doing it.”

“We don’t see everything on the road, but there’s such a gap there that we might be overestimating certain things we do,” she adds.

When it comes to tailgating cars you feel are going too slowly, 15 per cent of us see others doing this, but only two per cent believe that’s something we do.