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Critics unhappy with Langley 'Don't be an IDIOT' shaming campaign

Last Updated Jul 7, 2016 at 7:36 am PST

(Source: facebook.com/LangleyTownship)

LANGLEY (NEWS 1130) – Did you pack up everything the last time you moved, did you leave some of your wanted furniture behind or did you toss it in an alley or empty lot?

A local, in-your-face campaign is called “Don’t be an IDIOT.”

IDIOT, in this case, stands for Illegal Dumper In Our Township and it’s Langley Township’s latest efforts to stop people from using it as its garbage can.

Not everyone likes the shaming campaign, with some calling it unfair to families already struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford to pay tipping fees. They say the charges should be waived if you’re moving.

But Ryan Schmidt with the Township says, “Lots of the material we find dumped, had it been delivered to the right place, could have been recycled for free.”

Still Schmidt says they are looking at making it easier for people to get rid of their unwanted property when they move.

“We could always offer some sort of rebate, potentially, or another idea that a resident idea has floated in response to #IDIOT is a coupon for once-a-year disposal at the transfer station,” he tells us.

The campaign includes new methods for reporting illegal dumpers. The Township is encouraging people who find illegally dumped waste or witness illegal dumping happening to call a hotline or report it online.