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Pemberton Music Festival organizers hoping to avoid another big mess after the event

Last Updated Jul 8, 2016 at 9:37 am PDT

The mess left after the Pemberton Music Festival in July, 2015 (Photo credit: Keith Harasymiw))

Camping Ambassador Program, event app among Pemberton Music Festival organizers' tools to help keep site clean

PERMBERTON (NEWS 1130) – As fans get ready to party at one of the province’s most popular music festivals, organizers of the Pemberton Music Festival are hoping the event will end differently than it did last year.

The site was left a mess last year. The people behind the event say this year, they have a couple of new initiatives they’re hoping will make sure the space is pristine when everyone rolls out.

Evan Harrison, CEO of Huka Entertainment, says they’re bringing in the Camping Ambassador Program. There will be two or three ambassadors at each campground, who will hand out trash bags and motivate fans to keep their grounds clean.

He also says they’ll be using their app to make sure attendees are doing their part throughout the festival.

“We’ve always used the app for messaging. We’re going to more directly message this year our goal for fans to lend a hand and communicate how they can work with their camping ambassadors. So, think of the camping ambassador program like a local resident advisor at a college campus,” explains Harrison.

“And again, as we prepare for load-out, we’re going to make sure to communicate the easiest way for our fans to leave with their stuff as opposed to leaving it behind,” he adds.

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“We’re constantly working around the clock with hundreds of staffers changing out the trash, changing out the recycling. Really, the pressure point last year was at load out when a lot of folks really hurried to leave the campgrounds right after the last performance Sunday night, and left behind a lot of their stuff. That absolutely caused a little more work for us once the campgrounds were done, but we did the work.”

Harrison adds reusable water bottles will be sold, which could help reduce the number of recyclable water bottles on the grounds.

There was outrage after last year’s festival, when photos of debris surfaced on social media.

This year’s event goes July 14th to the 17th.