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For peat sake! A Burns Bog development is generating controversy among conservationists

Last Updated Jul 9, 2016 at 4:08 pm PST

Parts of the area set to be developed. (Source: Google Maps)

DELTA (NEWS 1130) – A proposed development cutting into a part of the Burns Bog is raising a debate from conservation groups.

There are concerns about two species of insects and plant life. Eliza Olson with the Burns Bog Conservation Society says peat moss is one of our best natural resources in the fight against climate change.

“The cheapest and the fastest way to reduce climate change is to protect our peat bogs. And yes, this section of 155 acres has been cut over, it’s back to probably 90 per cent of its efficiency at starving carbon.”

She says the Burns Bog has already been cut into several times and uses the analogy of a body.

“You can take an arm off, you can take a leg off or two, but essentially there comes a time when you can’t take any more off the body without killing it. With climate change and all that we have to save every square inch we can of our disappearing peat bog.”

Olson notes there is a public consultation on July 26th at 1415-84 Avenue in Delta about the development.

The society is hoping people sign a petition against the development. You can sign it here.

MK Delta Lands Group says in a statement they have “brought together a team of highly experienced and well-respected biologists, hydrologists, agrologists, and engineers to direct our land use planning.”