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What did the RCMP terror investigation cost taxpayers?


SFU criminologist feels taxpayers should be angry and demand answers of much the investigation cost Mounties

It is said roughly 200 officers worked on the case

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A local criminologist says taxpayers should be angry about how the investigation into John Nuttall and Amanda Korody was handled.

The pair, found guilty of terror charges, are walking free following a BC Supreme Court judge ruled they were entrapped by the RCMP in connection to a bomb plot linked to the Legislature dating back to Canada Day 2013.

“This was, as you know, a five-month investigation, involving some-200 police officers. My first question was does this debacle cost us?” says SFU’s Rob Gordon.

He’s questioning whether the RCMP should be devoting all the time and effort into using what he calls “patsies” like Nuttall and Korody to try and root out higher level terrorist organizations.

Gordon adds the bright side is this case should paint a line where police will know they aren’t able to cross if they attempt a similar investigation in the future.

LISTEN: Anchors Simon Druker and Alison Bailey speak with SFU Criminologist Rob Gordon

The RCMP says it is reviewing the ruling and is in talks about a possible appeal.