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Local organization wants you to use your bike to shop on Saturday

Last Updated Aug 12, 2016 at 9:02 pm PST

A bike lane in Downtown Vancouver (Photo credit: Dustin Godfrey for NEWS 1130)

Prizes and promotions available for people who use their bikes to shop in Vancouver on Saturday.

People should consider using a bike to run errands, which is why HUB is launching Bike to Shop Day.

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You might have heard of Bike to Work week. Saturday is Bike to Shop day in Vancouver.

HUB, a Vancouver cycling organization, says the day is meant to show people how fun and easy it is to use your bike to pick up groceries or meet friends for dinner.

The organization acknowledges there may be some impediments to using your bike to run errands: the fear of losing your bike to thieves, not knowing how to get shopping items home after the trip, and not having a safe place to park your bike.

Bike to Shop Day manager Alyshia Burak says there are ways to protect yourself from bike thieves, such as signing on with Project 529.

“You can actually register your bike with that system now. It helps the VPD identify your bike and return it to you.”

In the meantime, always secure your bike with a very good lock.

As far as getting groceries home?

“There are so many options to carry your shopping items, you’d be surprised. There are panniers that fit on your bike. People use baskets. We are seeing more and more cargo bikes in Vancouver,” says Burak.

Free snacks, drinks and prizes will be handed out to cyclists at various shopping centres on Saturday.

Thirty Vancouver businesses are offering promotions and discounts for cyclists.

And for those who register online to participate, there is a chance of winning a weekend getaway in the Okanagan.