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Affordable housing tops list of issues important to BC voters

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The survey found one in 10 said they would definitely vote for the BC Liberals

The provincial election May 9th

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – If you could vote in a provincial election today, what would be the most important issue for you? A new poll indicates affordable housing will reign supreme when parties battle it out next May.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise given all the talk around rising rents and real estate prices in Metro Vancouver, but 83 per cent of participants in this survey say the provincial government should be doing more to make housing affordable.

“It’s an interesting to see both what government really has to address and what issues are more problematic for the parties,” explains Greg Lyle is with Innovative Research Group. “Some issues that you might have expected to get quite a lot of priority are not as important. For instance, climate change, roads and transit and developing our natural resources are at the bottom of that list and not by a little, but quite a bit.”

As for when people were asked what’s the most important issue? Again, affordable housing comes out ahead with 17 per cent support, beating out issues like healthcare, education and the environment.

The survey also looked at how likely it was people would vote for the four main parties in the upcoming election. One in 10 said they are definitely voting for the BC Liberals and 29 per cent are somewhat likely.

Six per cent of people said they would definitely support the NDP and 27 per cent were somewhat likely. And when the research group compared the two parties, it found the BC Liberal base is seven points higher than the New Democrats, however, both have a similar-sized group of swing voters.

Meantime, five per cent say they’ll vote Green and four per cent say they’ll back the BC Conservatives.

The provincial election is May 9th.