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New SkyTrain cars coming to Expo Line

(Source: facebook.com/Translink)

New cars can hold 20-50 more people than older models

Seats have been taken out of the front and rear cars, to fit bikes, strollers

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You’ll see some new, roomier cars if you’re hopping on the Expo Line.

SkyTrain is adding seven new Mark III trains to the existing fleet of Mark Is and IIs, at a cost of $91-million — factored into the Evergreen Line budget.

One thing you’ll notice immediately is the continuous cars, meaning you can get on anywhere, and then make your way down to the end of the train that’s more convenient for where you’re getting off.

Some seats have been taken out of the front and rear cars as well, to better fit bicycles or strollers.

“We’re trying to get a little more efficiency,” says Chris Morris, director of engineering assets at SkyTrain. “We’ve kept the same seat design that we’ve used on the Mark II. It’s proven to be quite popular. It’s a plastic seat but it’s extremely robust. We have five years experience with it, with really nothing breaking.”

You’ll also notice it’s easier to breathe — that’s due to improved insulation and a better air conditioning system.

“The ducts up above the ceiling carry hot air in the winter, and of course chilled air for air conditioning in the summer,” says Morris.

“They are much better insulated. Now you don’t lose as much heat in the wrong place, or cold, and you’re blowing the air out of these very, very quiet, and quite thick ducts.”

Mark IIIs can hold 20-50 more people than the Mark II models.