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Do you think Canada should host the Olympics again?

The Olympic Cauldron at Jack Poole Plaza in Downtown Vancouver. (NEWS 1130 File Photo)

Four-in-10 Canadians feel hosting has been worth it

The poll finds Albertans have the most enthusiasm to bid for another Games

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As the glory and accomplishment at the Rio Olympics continues to captivate Canadians from coast to coast to coast, do you find yourself reminiscing about the Games we’ve hosted here in Canada?

A new poll from Angus Reid finds four-in-10 people across the country and half of British Columbians say Canada’s three turns hosting have been worth it.

The agency’s Shachi Kurl says less than one-third of Canadians don’t think they were, and about a quarter aren’t sure. “Right now the most viable and ready bid is for Calgary in 2026. And what’s interesting about that is in Calgary and among Albertans, you see the most amount of enthusiasm for the idea of hosting another Games.”

And she adds people in that province are 55 per cent in favour of trying to get the Games again. “Far more so than anywhere else in the country and even more than among past host locations. When you ask Albertans, for example, ‘Was hosting the 1988 Calgary Games worth it?’ Two-thirds of them say it was.”

In BC, the percentage of people who want to see their city or the major one closest to them bid for a future Games is about the same compared to those won’t don’t.