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Surrey couple thrust into Metro Vancouver rental market

Last Updated Aug 28, 2016 at 8:40 pm PDT

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A few months ago, Mark and Paula Swan didn’t worry too much about all the news stories detailing Metro Vancouver’s ultra-tight rental market. They had spent five years in the same Clayton Heights home, and had just signed a new one-year lease with a landlord they had a good relationship with.

But that suddenly changed when their landlord informed them he was looking to sell. Now, the Swans have joined the countless others searching for an affordable place to stay.

“For us, it’s more than personal. We got married in this home… we’re connected to the community,” Mark explains.

The Swans can stay in their home for now, but if the home is sold and the new owner wants to move in and take possession, they would have two months to clear out.

“We’ve looked everywhere in the province, and it seems to be the same everywhere, there doesn’t seem to be any one place that has more housing than others,” Mark says.

Even if Mark and Paula were to move into their camper, most local RV campgrounds have limited availability.

“We’ve looked as far as Hope, and the waiting list is now six months. With that, there’s also a shortage of storage facilities that have any lockers available.”

Mark says he hopes the housing market cools down soon, and that the sky-high rental rates start to moderate. In the meantime, the Swans have launched a Facebook group where others in their situation can connect with landlords and each other.