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Too many 'strings attached' to oil spill base : Environmentalist

Slick spotted in English Bay (April 15, 2016) (Source: SKY Helicopters)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Some environmentalists say it feels like they are being held hostage with plans to build a new oil spill response base in Vancouver.

Sven Biggs, pipeline campaigner for Stand, says offering $200 million in funding on the stipulation that more oil is allowed to makes its way through the West Coast misses the point.

“This plan does nothing to reduce the chances of an oil spill. In fact it dramatically increases it because the only way we’re going to get this funding is if we allow a 700 per cent increase in the amount of tankers coming through Vancouver’s harbour,” Biggs says.

Biggs says there is also nothing in Western Canada Marine Response Corporation‘s announcement this week on how to clean up diluted bitumen from Kinder Morgan‘s pipeline.

“By the time there is oil in the water it is too late. The kind of oil they plan to move through the Kinder Morgan pipeline sinks in water and all the oil spill technology we have skims oil off the surface of the water.”

Biggs points to last year’s fuel spill in English Bay as an example of why improvements should be in place “with no strings attached.”