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Not your typical downtown laneway

Last Updated Sep 14, 2016 at 12:20 am PDT

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — What comes to mind when you think of a back alley in Downtown Vancouver?

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association is hoping you’ll throw that image out when you see what they’re doing with a laneway in the Central Business District.

The association’s Charles Gauthier says the first laneway makeover should be done Thursday, south of West Hastings Street, between Seymour and Granville.

“We brightly coloured the walls, we’re colouring the roadways in pinks and yellows, putting down foosball markings, installing basketball hoops and we’re also going to be encouraging the three nearby business that are in the laneway to actually wraparound and activate in the back alley,” Gauthier says.

More Awesome Now laneway 1

“We’re looking to people adopting these and flocking to them and imagine that they will be used for all different kinds of events. There is lots of potential for the back lane to be used by ELS students that are in the area and people who are working in the office building to go down and enjoy that space.”

Two more reimagined laneways are also in the works east of Granville Street between Smithe and Robson streets and south of Alberni Street between Burrard and Bute streets.

The business improvement association and the city kicked in $100,000 each for the projects.

The More Awesome Now experiment is a partnership between the DVBIA, the City of Vancouver’s VIVA program, and HCMA Architecture + Design.