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One-in-four has or knows someone with a gambling problem: study

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Nearly half of all respondents don't feel their provincial government is doing enough to curb addiction

Governments nation-wide collect about $14 billion a year in gaming revenue

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It’s not something that’s only limited to a weekend in Vegas, that you may or not tell your spouse about. A new study finds more Canadians are gambling.

The numbers from the Angus Reid Institute shows there are some Canadians who aren’t afraid to put a little money on the line. But it’s when that activity happens frequently, of course, that it becomes a problem.

According to the research, a little more than one-quarter of Canadians either admit to having a gambling problem themselves or they admit to being close to someone who does.

Another number that does stick out is nearly half (47 per cent) feel their provincial government doesn’t do enough to help those with gambling addiction.

Older Canadians are more likely than those under 35 to buy lottery tickets, and they do so regularly. Almost six-in-10 Canadians 55 and older say they buy lottery tickets at least once a month, while fewer than one-in-three Canadians ages 18 to 34 do the same.

Angus Reid finds provincial governments collect nearly $14 billion in revenue each year from gaming and lotteries.