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Winter hitting refugee camps around the world hard

Last Updated Oct 27, 2016 at 7:47 am PDT


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Winter hits us hard here in Canada, but it can be potentially deadly in other parts of the world where people are often forced from their homes to lives as refugees.

The UN Refugee Agency in Canada distributes resources to countries around the world.

They run targetted winterization programs in countries like Iraq, where the army is working on liberating people from ISIS, but also in countries like Lebanon and Yemen.

Johannes Van Der Klaauw with the UNHCR says they are very aware of the needs of the newly displaced.

“For these camps to be sufficiently equipped against the cold, we have to send emergency shelter kits, we also have to send relief packages, sleeping bags, thermal blankets, and insolation kits.”

He says donating to the campaign will help with several projects.

“It includes sending specific tents that are proofed and insulated. Another thing is that there is heavy snow and as it thaws you get flooding, so we also installed drainage systems in the places where refugees gather.”

He says it’s not uncommon for people in conflict zones to live in unfinished, open buildings.

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