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CRA tax scam gone for now after call centre bust: BBB

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70 people arrested in scam bust at India call centre

Complaints have dropped following bust

MUMBAI, India (NEWS 1130) – A Canadian award winner has been stripped of its merits and potential further achievements! But don’t worry, this is a good thing.

The annoying and dreaded Canada Revenue Agency Tax Scam is no more thanks to a bust in India.

Seventy people have been arrested and hundreds more are being investigated. Have you received calls or messages asking for personal information from the Canada Revenue Agency?

If you said ‘yes’, Evan Kelly with the Better Business Bureau says you are definitely not alone.

“Not everybody gets scammed of course, but everybody that I’ve talked to has been touched by this particular scam in one way or another,” says Kelly. “It’s not just a small percentage. In my mind, it’s everybody.”

The recent bust in Mumbai seems to have led to a dramatic drop in the dreaded scam. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre received almost 360 complaints in one week; in the week following the bust number of complaints dropped to just 25.

The search for other scam centres will continue.

“We’re going have to keep our eyes on this for the next few months to see if the volume of complaints stays as it is or picks back up,” says Kelly. “This is in India, but a lot of these call centres could be in other places as well so it’s going to be a wait and see approach.”

A reminder, the CRA never asks for personal information over the phone.