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How old is too old to trick-or-treat?

(Source: thepartybazaar.com)

A New Brunswick community bans anyone over 14 from going trick-or-treating

Many people here in BC think grade 8 is the last time a kid should go door-to-door

BATHURST, NB (NEWS 1130) – Older teens hoping to take to the streets of a northern New Brunswick community on Halloween may find an unusual bylaw standing in the way of their sugary pursuits.

The City of Bathurst has a long-standing, but little-known rule on the books that forbids trick-or-treating or wearing a face covering after 7 p.m. and blocks anyone over 14 from going door-to-door. The council is now taking a look at the 2005 bylaw after a couple of families requested that they ease the trick-or-treating curfew and extend the age to about 16.

One councillor said she didn’t even know about the bylaw until parents began contacting her. Kim Chamberlain says they will gather public sentiment on the restrictions and then possibly tweak the bylaw to “come up with a happy medium.”

You may have been put in the position of having some teenagers knock on your door looking for candy, but sometimes they don’t have costumes and other times they’re nearing the age of 20.

“Once you’re in high school, I think it’s time to maybe move on,” says one man.

Many others feel grade 8 is the cut-off and anyone past that shouldn’t be going door-to-door for goodies.