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Don't break the bank for a last-minute Halloween costume

(Source: thepartybazaar.com)

Use household items to dress up like MacGyver, suggest the experts

Today's Parent Magazine says many costumes are easily created with an umbrella

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The big night is finally here but if you’re still searching for a Halloween costume, there is no need for a last-minute mad dash to the store. There are some easy and creative ways to go the route of MacGyver and transform household items into something eye-catching.

“There are lots of household items that you can build a costume around,” says Today’s Parent Magazine Editor Sasha Emmons. “A lot of [costumes] start with an umbrella. You can use it for a jellyfish costume. Just use some ribbons to make it look like an illuminated jellyfish. You can do raining cats and dogs, cutting out pictures of cats and dogs hanging them from an umbrella.”

Or she suggests putting some white powder on an umbrella and go as a rain cloud.

And you can open up a whole world of possibilities if you’ve got a pool noodle or two sitting around. “Make a tooth fairy costume. Use a pool noodle as a giant toothbrush. We also made a super-cute campfire costume. We cut up some brown noodles and made them the logs of the fire,” explains Emmons.

Or, if you’ve got some pink clothes lying around, you’re halfway there. “You just get a layer of pink, so pink leggings and a pink shirt, and then you wrap the boa up and up one arm, hold your arm out and you’ve got your flamingo,” says Emmons.

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