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Movember is back with a serious message

Last Updated Nov 1, 2016 at 1:55 pm PDT

Jesse Hayman with Movember Canada (Photo:NEWS 1130's John Ackermann)

Annual event raises money and awareness for prostate cancer and men's health

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Today is the first of the month, but not just any month. This is Movember!

This time, the moustache-growing fundraiser for prostate cancer and men’s health awareness is out with a new message.

Organizers are ditching some of the ironic messaging of years past in favour of simply getting right to the point.

“The theme really is ‘Stop Men [From] Dying Too Young’,” explains Jesse Hayman with Movember Canada.

“What you’ll see on posters and any campaign ads or marketing that you see anywhere will be men with real stories,” like surviving prostate cancer or overcoming depression.

“We’re doing so because we can’t afford not to,” he says.

“We’re dying six years younger than women and there is no biological reason why,” Hayman explains. “Three of four deaths by suicides are men and that’s been the same stat since 1955 so we are putting the cause front and centre. Let’s speak up and punch you in the face with it.”

Bragging rights also may have something to do with it. Last year, Canada was once again the top fundraising country, with $17 million and counting, and Heyman hopes to beat that total this year.

There a number of ways to take part.

“This year, you can grow like you normally would or make a commitment to some sort of physical activity and if you’re not doing any of those you probably know someone that’s participating, so please give.”

You can give to the NEWS 1130 effort here.