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Bullying slightly up, cyberbulling "not cool" anymore in BC

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VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Bullying is slightly on the rise in this province and it seems girls are more likely to be the targets.

While it doesn’t appear things are going well on bullying rates generally, at least when it comes to doing it on the internet, Dr. Bonnie Henry says kids appear to be making positive changes.

“That was one of the questions that we asked,” says Dr. Henry, referencing forums with youth. “They told us that there’s been a shift in thinking around it, and it’s just not cool to do anymore.”

As for the overall numbers — half of kids who participated in this study, based on 2013 numbers, say they were picked on, an increase of three percent from the decade before — with that increase almost entirely among girls.

“We see that more girls, female youth, report being bullied, for either sex or because of their appearance or whatever, than boys,” says Henry.

These details are included in a larger report on children’s health released during the week, called Is ‘Good,’ Good Enough?