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One in four Canadian kids don't always feel safe at school: survey

Global Survey Reveals Children Value Education Despite Major Obstacles to Learning. (CNW Group/Christian Children's Fund of Canada)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – How safe do you feel at school?

That question was put to over 62 hundred kids around the world aged 10 to 12 as part of the annual “Small Voices, Big Dreams” survey, which is now in its seventh year.

On average, 70 per cent of Canadian kids said they always feel safe at school, compared to about 60 percent globally.

However, Bonar Bell with the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada notes that the definition of safety is differs between Canadian kids and their international peers.

“For most kids it meant security measures are in place to keep children safe, things like locks on the doors,” Bell says. “But in Canada, the top response was that children aren’t at risk of physical or emotional harm or violence like bullying. Nearly half of all the Canadian kids who were surveyed said that.”

There was also a difference in what kids in Canada said they would do to improve school safety.

“Globally, the top response for that was to build and renovate school buildings to make them safer, but in Canada, the top response was to make curriculum better,” Bell explains.

Paraguay fared the best out of the 41 countries surveyed, with 95 percent of students reporting they always feel safe in the classroom. Burkina Faso fared the worst, with 20 percent reporting they never felt safe at school.