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Raccoons snared in urban leg-hold traps

(Courtesy PETA)

An animal protection group say leg-hold traps put companion animals, wildlife, and even children at risk

The City of Vancouver recommends contacting the BC SPCA immediately if you discover a leg-hold trap

NEWS 1130 (VANCOUVER) — It looks like someone has taken animal control into their own hands with the use of leg-hold traps.

Adrian Nelson, a spokesperson for animal protection group The Fur-Bearers, says two raccoons were ensnared and hurt by three traps Monday night.

“It’s unfortunate that these two raccoons have suffered pretty badly because of it.”

Nelson says it is worrisome that the traps were set somewhere near West Broadway Avenue and Granville Street, and West 33rd Avenue and Dunbar Street.

“We’re talking really urban areas right here in our city. It’s quite a distance, so it’s possibly more than one person that’s doing this.” Nelson says.

“We see countless cats and dogs, people’s family members, that get caught in these traps. They’re really indiscriminate and will take whatever animal steps into them.”

The Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia (WRA) reportedly treated a young female and an older male raccoon for lacerations, a broken toe, and a broken tooth.

Nelson expects the animals will recover and will likely be released.

The City of Vancouver advises anyone who sees a leg-hold trap to report it the BC SPCA as soon as possible.

Nelson says the type of leg-traps used in these cases were old and no longer legal so a user could be charged under the Wildlife Act.

The Fur-Bearers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction whoever is responsible.