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Flyer suggesting racism circulating in Richmond

Last Updated Nov 17, 2016 at 6:08 pm PST

(Courtesy: Kelly Greene via email)

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – A racially charged flyer has made its way through Richmond.

Resident Kelly Greene spotted the statement that said the Chinese are taking over and people need to take a stand against them by joining the Alt-Right movement.

She then told MLAs, MPs, council and the RCMP about the message.

“We’re all different, but different doesn’t make it bad and I’d really like to see us come together and make sure that we’re providing that information to people who need it.”

She says this is an unacceptable message in Canada.

“Richmond, for all there is a little bit of bickering back and forth about signage on buildings, we really come together as a community, we’re all neighbours.”

The Alt-Right movement is a radical conservative group that has been increasing in popularity in the US.

Corporal Dennis Hwang says Mounties take all matters that may be hate or bias motivated very seriously.

He says they are currently investigating this incident and they realize incidents like this have a direct impact on people in the community.

He is encouraging people to report all incidents like this one to police.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie reacts to the flyers: