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Vancouver avoids repeat of free salt frenzy with more snow approaching

(Courtesy BT Vancouver)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The scene was quiet outside Fire Hall #13 this morning as city workers delivered another pile of free salt and sand in advance of another snowfall.

It was a stark contrast from Wednesday and Thursday when long lines formed hours in advance, and frenzied crowds made piles disappear in a matter of minutes.

“I wasn’t going to line up for it, but I just thought I’d get a bucket just to have,” says Neil Kaerney, who had free reign at the salt pile at Fire Hall #4.

Despite being provided with salt, Kaerney isn’t happy with the city’s response to the winter weather so far, calling it “pathetic”.

“We’re really just not prepared. If we can’t even handle a little snow, what’s a major earthquake going to look like for this city? It’s very scary.”

Salt deliveries are happening twice daily at the following locations:

Fire Hall #3 – 2801 Quebec St.
Fire Hall #4 – 1475 W. 10th Ave.
Fire Hall #7 – 1090 Haro St.
Fire Hall #12 – 2460 Balaclava St.
Fire Hall #13 – 4013 Prince Albert St.
Fire Hall #14 – 2804 Venables St.
Fire Hall #15 – 3003 E. 22nd Ave.
Fire Hall #17 – 7070 Knight St.
Fire Hall #19 – 4396 W. 12th Ave.
Fire Hall #22 – 1005 W. 59th Ave.

The city is telling people to obey the rules, and only take one bucket per household.