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Concussion diagnostic tool coming to sideline near you


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The serious long-term effects of concussions have become more well known in recent years, and now there are more efforts to ensure early diagnosis.

One of those is a new partnership between SportMedBC and Headcheck Health which could bring a cell phone concussion testing tool to a sideline near you.

“SportMedBC is involved in the community,” says HeadCheck Health chief executive Harrison Brown.

“They provide medical services to things like speed skating events, rugby tournaments, even the Sun Run I believe.”

It’s not always obvious when an athlete suffers a concussion.

The HeadCheck app attempts to make that a little easier, helping doctors and trainers identify symptoms.

“It’s a mobile application,” says Harrison, who says his tool is primarily designed to be used by medical professionals.

“On the side of the field, if you’re suspecting an injury, you basically just pull out your phone. It’s very user-friendly to just walk someone through a complete concussion test. All the instructions, all the data collection, and analysis is done directly through the phone.”

Brown hopes this deal with SportMedBC expands the use of his tool to include all athletes, not just professionals and high-level amateurs.