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Video from 2015 murder in Surrey played at sentencing hearing

Last Updated Jan 31, 2017 at 6:05 am PDT

(Kurtis Doering, NEWS 1130 Photo)

Convicted killer plead guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Surrey realtor in 2015

NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS 1130) – At age 17, Matthew Hill watched his father bleed to death in his arms shortly after a failed home invasion at their home in Surrey.

Hill’s victim impact statement was one of several read out during the sentencing hearing for 24-year-old Khouri Green in New Westminster Supreme Court today.

Back in November, Green pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of 42-year-old Colin Hill, a well-respected realtor and father of two. His charge carries a mandatory life sentence, and a joint submission recommends that he be ineligible for parole for 17 years.

About two dozen of Hill’s family members and friends were in the gallery for the first day of the hearing. Many of them wiped away tears during the proceedings.

Green himself was not in attendance.

Court was shown a video of the June 12th home invasion, compiled from four security cameras set up outside Hill’s home on 64th Avenue.

Green can be seen sneaking around the outside of the house before masking his face and ringing the front door bell. Hill initially goes outside to confront him, but retreats when Green pulls a handgun from his backpack.

According to a statement posted by Hill’s wife Becky Zhou shortly after the murder, Hill barricaded the front door while telling his family to take cover.

Later in the video, Green is seen kicking the door twice before Hill leaps out of the house and tries to grab Green’s gun.

Hill was shot once in the chest during a struggle on the front lawn, then again in the back as he tried to retreat back into his home. He died in his foyer.

Victim impact statements describe fear, sadness after murder

According to victim impact statements, many of Colin Hill’s loved ones no longer feel safe in their communities and have new difficulty trusting people because of the random nature of the attack.

Hill’s son Matthew says he often triple-checks all the locks before he’s able to go to bed at night, and every little sound coming from outside sends him into a panic.

Hill’s daughter Leah, now 8, adds the family lives in constant fear of another sudden home invasion.

“I don’t smile anymore,” her statement reads.

Green had an extensive criminal record prior to the murder. He was arrested shortly after during another attempted home invasion.

Investigators found photos of Green posing with the murder weapon when they looked into his phone.

His sentencing hearing is expected to continue tomorrow.